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American Legion on Lake Ella in Tallahassee - Friday, September 26, 2014

A great time was had by all last night at the Legion Hall on Lake Ella. KTB rocked the house. Two and a half sets filled the night from 8:00PM-11:30PM with dancers crowding the floor to live rocking Americana. Great music if I say so myself. The harmonies really locked in last night. Folks were really receptive to some of our newer material like Angel Form Montgomery by John Prine, that we have turned into a Southern Rock Anthem. I think they were pleasantly surprised with the transition from slow ballad to a full blown southern rock crescendo. Dillon commented, “The groove on Mustang Sally was just solid!” I guess that’s the magic of live music.

So many nice people joined us for the evening. Cindy and Bud Cain were the first folks I spotted. The Smith Clan headed by Fincher showed up in good numbers. My friend Andy Gillie, a retired Coastie now living in Tally, came by. Always fun to see Frank Hranicky - so much upbeat energy in one person. Kent Hutchinson on the Djembe joined us on stage, solid as always Kent. What a pleasure it was to have our better halves Kim, Julie, Susan & Carolyn all together at the same time. Randy told me later that Tony Wickman was standing right in front of the stage for a number of songs and I completely missed him. I guess I was completely lost in the musical moment. There is a very nice German lady who always comes to see us at the Legion. She was there the very first night we ever played the Legion and I don’t think she has missed a show since. When we were setting up there was an older gentleman sitting by the front door, so I said hello and asked him if he was staying for the show. He told me his name and said he had just driven in from Dothan, Alabama. Said he had seen some other bands here that were good. I told him, “I know we are going to play some music that you will like.” He said, “If you don’t, I’ll just leave and drive back to Dothan.” He stayed all night! A special thanks to Brenda and Kim for working the front door for us. A much underappreciated part of the show. The folks at the Legion were wonderful to us as always including our favorite lady behind the bar, Debbi Ramsey.

With so many great bands in Tallahassee we want to thank you for joining us, and making it a great night!



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