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Christmas Party @ Dorothy Oven Park

Sometimes it’s not the quantity of gigs in a year but the quality of the gig that makes great memories. Sunday night was really special! We have no idea how many people were in Dorothy B. Oven Park Sunday night but the weather was perfect, the lights were great and we had a blast filling the park with live Christmas carols and Americana Rock!

What made the evening really special for Keith was that his daughter, who lives in Germany, spent the whole evening with us and yes, suffered through the setup and tear time too!

There was a constant stream of cars driving by the stage and families walking through the park light show. It was amazing how many young people were there hanging out at the park on a Sunday night which was inspirational.

In the middle of the show we added a full set of Christmas carols (15 in all) that we played and filled the park with sounds of good cheer!

We closed down the night with a resounding version of “We wish you a merry Christmas!”

Wayne talking with Kent before the show....

Night Time in the Park....

Setting up the show....

Wayne and Krystina talking over the Fruit & Sweets table....

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