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Rockin the Legion

Well, once again a good time was had by all Friday night at the American Legion on Lake Ella. KTB Rocked the House!

Earlier in the day I had learned that Friday night was the Springtime Tallahassee kickoff concert down at Kleman Plaza and I thought we would be playing to an empty house. Boy were we wrong and the Dancers didn’t let us down! We had a great crowd of dancers! We played two sets and with a 20-minute break the dancers filled the floor for the better part of 3.5 hours. With Keith’s new 12-string electric, that was Hot Rodded by Gary Hudson at Folkstone Guitars, the music had an even a brighter, bouncier feel! If you get a chance ask Gary about the new DiMarzio Transition pickups he put in Keith’s 12-sring while replacing the electronics.

It was great to see Woody and Sally Search all the way from Havana apparently by way of New York City. As well as Cindy and Bud Cain, Tony, Kathy and Chesky, Steve and Becky just name a few. Of course a special thanks to Susan and Kim for their support!

People ask when we will be playing in public again. Our stock answer is that we have to check our website calendar ( Having said that, here are the current local public dates.

• Apr 11 - Moose Lodge

• May 02 - Summerbrooke Golf Club (Public)

• Jul 31 - American Legion

• Sep 18 - American Legion

• Oct 16 - American Legion

• Nov 06 - American Legion Big thanks to Brenda who kindly held down the door for us, “Q” behind the bar and Tom Albert. Thank you to those who joined and hope to see you all soon! ​

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