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Playing the Legion

Friday night was great fun; Football, Music and Dancing, fueled by mixologist Q serving cool refreshing beverages.

We had originally booked the gig after the 2015 FSU Football schedule was first published and then later they apparently changed the game from Saturday to Friday night. But all was well since the Legion had recently put in a 75 inch HD TV and we had a great view of the game. It really couldn’t have been better!

Everyone that came danced every dance with a perfect view of the game. A few of the folks said they might actually come down to Panama City on October 2nd to check out KTB at the Friday Fest on Harrison Ave. We look forward to seeing them in PC!

We had such a good time we played 30 minutes past closing.

We’ll do it again at the Legion on Friday, October 16, 2015!

Randy and Dillon taking a breather after setting up

Our Mixologist and Personal Fitness Trainer - "Q. Curry"

Chip checking out the Gear

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