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Panama City Friday Fest

Panama City Friday Fest – what can we say, we like this venue! We rolled into town around 3:00PM and checked in to the overnight accommodations. At 4:00PM the city shut down the streets and Dillon pulled the equipment truck right into the middle of 4th and Harrison Avenue where we unloaded and set up the show. We each have our tasks, Dillon with the PA, Chip with the lights, me and Randy, the other stuff. Then the crowd came! Even with the sprinkling rain they came out and had fun! Real Troopers! Tarps on, tarps off, tarps on, tarps off and so it went. But we started at 6:00PM with a little Johnny Rivers and rock until 9:40PM with a Rolling Stones finale. Even with rainy weather the folks applauded, danced and called for an encore!

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